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 Full Teacher

Name: Sasa Balaneskovic
Bob_Boyd_Ilinka_Acimovic_Sasa_BalaneskovicBorn: 14th July 1974
Country: Serbia


My  first  encounter with Tai Chi Chuan was with Master ‘s Chu King ITCCA version of Yang family Tai Chi Chuan. Qurious by nature, I was visiting other web sites of GGM Yang Sau Chung disciples and other master in order to find out more about this magnificent art of movement. Searching for GM Ip Tai Tak web site, I was continuously reffered to Master Bob Boyd’s site. I said to myself “Wait a second, he is not Chinese, no one told me that there is some other that Chinese in family lineage!” and I was looking for sites of Master Gin Soon Chu and Yang family.

After few years of learning the form, many hours and days in Zhan Zhuang positions and after 13976 google searches and site browsing I managed to get in contact with some French guy who had some interesting points on Yang style TCC and interesting videos on Youtube. After few exhchanged e-mails, he pointed me out towards the same site which was avoided by me for so long.
So I joined ISSA forum and contacted Sascha Krystofiak and Master Bob Boyd. At first, I had many doubts and questions build up in me regarding this style – Who, When, Why, From who ? Sascha asked me if I would like to learn the form and I said yes. I received video of 1st part of the form. At first look all the same – almost. After more than month and a half of continuous recording videos , verbal and written corrections from Sascha, Snake Style form took over the one that I was practicing and that convinced me that this is the stuff that I should be practicing.  In one of our talks with Sascha, he mentioned that he would like to come to Serbia and do the seminar. I wanted the same so we finally met in march 2009. which was the first Snake Style seminar in Serbia.  After that I visited 3 seminars of Master Bob Boyd and in October of 2010. I will be hosting one.
Currently, I am on teacher training of Sascha Krystofiak and I have enrolled in master teacher training of Master Bob Boyd. Constant recording of my form, Sascha’s verbal and written precise and to the point corrections, through mail and Skype are continuing, and I find that without his unselfish help, I would’t progress so much as I did so far.  Classes at his training hall, along with other teachers and teachers in training are irreplaceable in improving one’s form, knowledge of the principles and all the details that this style holds.


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  Full Teacher

Name: Bożena OlszowskaBozka-web
Born:19th March 1977
Country: Poland (Wroclaw)

In 2004 I started practicing Yang Style Tai Chi, Bagua and various styles of Qi Gong and it soon became a passion for me. The various Qi Gong Systems I trained since then include  “Luohan Qi Gong of the Choy Lee Fut school”, “6 Secret Words of Małgorzaty Szkurłatowskiej”, “Zhang Zhuang – standing like a Tree/Pole” and “Lohan Gong in the tradition of Dr. Pang” – I also train and teach “Makko Ho” a special Meridian stretching/activating set from the Shiatsu System. Since I always wanted to help and benefit people in regards to their health I studied and specialized in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the areas of diagnosis, dietetics, herbal treatment and also completed the “Silesian School of Acupuncture” in Katowice after I graduated from the study of Environmental Education in Wroclaw. Since then I promote a  healthy way of living and help people to gain the ability that allows one to influence one health and wellbeing by teaching them how to observe and understand their own body signals and act accordingly and also apply bio-massage and classical Usui Reiki if the situation presents itself.
 I am also constantly improving my skills in acupuncture and TCM with a variety of trainings in Poland and abroad. I also organize trainings about Chinese diet and cooking in regards to the “five elements”.
In 2012 my good friend Alex and I decided to join the distant teacher Program of the “TaiChi-Akademie Rein-Sieg” in Germany under the tutoring of Master Sascha Krysztofiak to become fully trained and qualified teachers according to the high standards of that Academy. This will not only include the Snake-Style System of Tai Chi Chuan in all areas of healthy movement, biomechanical and energetic (Chi) power, self-defense as well as solid, hands-on Tai Chi Chuan application, but also the various weapon forms and specialties of that style. That learning and refining “BaduanJin – 8 Brocades”, “Zhang Zhuang”, “18 Harmonious Movements” and “Lohan Gong” is also part of the teacher training does not hurt at all *bg*.
The detailed, open and very “in depth” instructions when we visit the Academy in Germany is rounded off with close and detailed video analysis and supervision, Skype conferences and, if need be (or just for fun), daily chat and exchange via internet.
I am sure that this all will round off my already existing skills and will make me able to help people in even better and more ways and I love every minute of my daily training :)

On 29th Ocober 2018 I passed the examination as full Tai Chi Chuan and Qi Gong teacher and am since then accepted in Saschas Master Teacher Training Program as his Tudi

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