Lehrer i.A. 


Name: Victor "Vic" Chawvic2
Baujahr: 1963
Status: Vergeben
Beruf: Medien Designer


It all started when I was 2 years old copying my grandmother doing her morning Tai Chi /Qi Gong exercises.....

I have very, very little memories from my childhood but this picture still sticks. I remember my mum and my aunty being amused by my antics.

Years went past and the only contact I had with martial arts was watching countless Kung Fu films and TV series imported from Hong Kong and people asking me if I can do Kung Fu.

Eventually, here in Germany in 1986 I took up 咏春瑾 (Wing Chun Kuen).  In those days I didn’t understand German so to learn I had to rely much more on the sense of observation which helped me much more in understanding the correct body posture and subtleties in movement. After a short while I was leading the warm up at the beginning of the class. The seed of the idea that one day I could become a Kung Fu teacher started to grow. I trained for two years and only stopped because I returned to England to further my education as a graphic designer.

Funny enough after having learnt Kung Fu nobody asked me anymore if I could do it.

Back in Germany, after a few years pause from kung fu, I started training again, this time with the Sifu from my former teacher. There my techniques were refined with hours and hours of repetition and combat.  This I kept up for another 3 years. Career once again took precedence.

Though Wing Chun Kuen is a very effective fighting system, there was always something missing for me. Where does all the energy come from? Where is the grace and how do I fly?  (I may have watched too many kung fu films).

Without even knowing anything about Tai Chi, after doing Wing Chun Kuen forms - which are also done slow, it was quite obvious to me that Tai Chi must be one of the hardest styles to learn properly. The emphasis of learning and practice are done in “slow motion” to achieve perfection. For this incredible control is required over mind and body.

Tai Chi and Qi Gong has interested me for quite a while. I’ve even visited a couple of tai chi courses. Sascha, however, was the first person who didn’t just simply say you wave your arms around like this, but also explained why.

Why teacher training?


The idea of being a Kung Fu teacher has been hanging around in the back of my head for a long time. For me this is a way to achieve a much deeper understanding of the martial art and the philosophy behind it.

May be this will teach me how to fly.


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